Friday, June 29, 2007

Welcome to BookSprouting!

We are happy to announce the launch of! BookSprouting is a community dedicated to the positive development of children’s literature where members can share their stories and receive feedback so that their work can develop and grow. Our main goal is to make positive additions to the world of children’s books and we think the community at large has the talent and vision to make that happen. Let us help you on your way to getting published!

In our goal to advance the quality of children’s books, BookSprouting is looking for the next great author! The daunting task of getting a work published often stops a writer in their tracks, letting their terrific idea for a story fall to the wayside. To help prevent this from happening, BookSprouting will be hosting contests in hopes of helping a writer get closer to their dream.

Each competition invites members to submit their best story where it will then be up to the BookSprouting community to vote and decide on their favorite. Our first competition will take place as soon as BookSprouting reaches 3000 members. As the numbers approach that mark, we will post the rules and regulations regarding that competition. The prizes for our first contest will be $1000, an iPod nano, 4 tickets to Disneyland, and a chance to become published!


Gina Conroy said...

Great idea! Please let me know when you have writing conests and I will let my members at Wruter...Interrupted know.

Katey Coffing, Ph.D. said...

Hi Kate! Thanks for your praise about blog, and for the link. :) Much appreciated.

Odile S said...

Hi from the Netherlands,

This sounds like a very good idea. Children learn many things through books that make them resilient and creative persons.
I would like to inspire writers to write books that help children to develop.
I'm a parent and studied Psychology, married to a doctor in Psychology in the Netherlands.
I write on my blog about building scaffolds for children. Books are those scaffolds.

Barbara O'Connor said...

Interesting idea! I'll definitely be visiting this blog! And thanks for the link!

Barbara O'Connor

Kate said...

Thanks for all the support and enthusiasm! It's great to be in a community where we're all in the trenches championing the same cause!

Shirley Buxton said...

Hello, Kate. Congratuations on your new endeavor. I wish you every success.

Count me in. I anticipate knowing when the first contest begins.

Thanks for visiting my site.

Shirley Buxton

Sandy Carlson said...

Thanks for stopping at Writing in Faith and leaving a comment. I'm glad to be introduced to your blog!