Saturday, July 14, 2007

Booksprouting Review: Just Like Heaven by Patrick McDonnell

Just Like Heaven by Patrick McDonnell

Reading Level: Ages 4 -8

Hardcover, 44 pages

Published: October 2006

Estimated Price: $14.99 USD

Patrick McDonnell, author and illustrator of the Mutts comic strip, tries his hand at picture books in Just Like Heaven. Mutts character, Mooch the cat, awakes one day from his afternoon nap to a cloud of fog. Believing himself to be in heaven, Mooch explores his surroundings and comes to the realization that the good things he has in life aren’t much different from those found in the afterlife. McDonnell’s heaven-on-earth idea creates a delightful premise that asks the reader “What would you do in heaven?” and such is showcased by Mooch’s adoption of a new attitude and his courage to hug an intimidating-looking dog. While Mooch’s exploration of the afterlife and his appreciation for his own life provide a pleasant (and profound) message to readers, the dark and simple illustrations, which might seem more at home on a newspaper funnies page than in a children’s book, might not appeal to kids looking for bright and fun pictures.

3 out of 5 sprouts

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Haley-O said...

Your site is so great! And, so cute! I love this! I'll definitely come here for kid book advice. My monkey's a little young for this book, yet. But, great review. :)