Thursday, July 26, 2007

BookSprouting Review: Whopper Cake by Karma Wilson

Whopper Cake by Karma Wilson

Illustrated by Will Hillenbrand

Reading Level: Baby-preschool

Comb binding, 40 pages

Published: July 2007

Estimated Price: 16.99 USD

There's not much I can say about Whopper Cake by Karma Wilson. The book is sweet as icing but as dense as sponge cake. Plot: Grandpa wishes to bake Grandma the largest cake ever for her birthday. Why? To show his love. Final result? Town party. It's fun to see the large quantity of ingredients that are needed for this feat and the batter that must be mixed and baked in the back of a pick-up truck, but I'm not sure how many times it will be read with each time keeping the humor and interest of the listener. The illustrations are amusing and perhaps 'take the cake' in this book. Found in the back pages is a recipe to make your very own 'whopper cake' guaranteed to fit in your oven. A nice touch I admit, but not enough for me to recommend this book.

2 out of 5 sprouts

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